The World's First CBDeFi Metaverse

Greenheart is a leading CBD tech company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring the agricultural industry into the 21st century.

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Our mission

Greenheart CBDeFi is driving global transformation in agriculture within the METAVERSE. We are connecting Data, Blockchain Innovation and Sustainability to give community the ability to change today's world through Web3 and Play2Earn.

Our vision

Using data, technology and web3 to revolutionise the agricultural industry, Greenheart empowers CBD farmers and producers delivering CBD and technological benefits to the masses

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We're galaxies ahead from our competitors?


Profit/Revenue share scheme: 40% profit from crypto and fiat sales goes to Greenheart, 40% to the partner farm, 10% returns to staking pools and 10% is for the sales incentives.

How it works?

Meet our team:

Driven by the common goal to help people worldwide, GreenHeart’s team members gathered to improve the entire CBD production process and to launch the first tokenized innovation in the CBD space.

Founder/Visionary Paul Walsh
CEO Mark Canavan
CFO Shane Brett
Head of US Expansion Emil Polito

Venture Partner Serge Ajamian
CMO Natalia Rubanova
Head of Data Utilisation Mark Dunning
Head of Central American Expansion Brian Angiuli

Matias Goldmann Co-Founder and COO of Constellation Network
Joel Kovshoff Co-Founder, ACG
Tim Frost CEO of Yield App
Liam Robertson CEO of Alphabit Fund
David Hughes CEO of Canmed UK
Diane Mulligan President and CEO of M&C Communications
Nicholas Krapels Token Strategy Advisor of Fomocraft

Dustin Byington CEO of TWO12.CO

Karl Pattemore CEO of Papa Global
Rich Palma President at 1440
Bryan Dori President and CEO of Archer

How it all started ?

Greenheart CBD was started as a traditional business, but with a vision to change economic systems globally and empower the agricultural industry. With the approach of a seed to shelf model linking farmers to end users using AI technology, innovative automation, big data analytics and blockchain technology.

Our entrance into the metaverse using gamification allows our community to enjoy and learn about the global impactful change using our ecosystem.

We see a future where data is a key to unlock the full potential of the agricultural industry. This data will be used to create commodity based futures markets.

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